Kala means Art and Ayana means a path that we follow in our life. This FREE E-MAGAZINE is an attempt to revive the gift of creativity in all of us which is buried by the hustle of daily routine and for all who wants to upgrade their basic skills.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

Our vision is to bring to you best of the articles that imparts creativity in different fields so as to keep the artist inside alive.

With an objective to make world a beautiful place to live, Crafter’s Cafe Hymn presents to you a FREE E-MAGAZINE Kala-A-Ayana

Reader’s Corner

Read about the life of great artist and an universal genius Leonardo Da Vinci and tales of his famous work. Don’t miss to read a very simple yet very important and Mindful article by Aida Shambhala.


We insist on trying out the activity of TREE OF JOY for yourself and dive in to check on your blessings and gratitude to all the great things in your life. Try out the cool Mango Banana Smoothie this summer and enjoy a healthy and delicious Mushroom tofu delight salad, a recipe by 10yr young girl. Our Folk Art of the month is Sanjhi, a traditional craftwork done in Uttar Pradesh. See the tutorial video explained perfectly in case you wanna try it by yourself.

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