Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.

Dr. Joyce Brothers


Intuitive Painting is a practice of meditation with colours, textures, shapes and designs with brush in hand.

No child needs to be taught how to cry once it is born.

It is the intuitive intelligence that makes the baby express the need of the body with emotions. We all have intuitive intelligence. but as we grow, the need to be appreciated and accepted by others, to be perfect and do better than others also grows. This make us express more analytically and we loose the intuitive connection with ourselves.

This art does not teach you to be creative, but to make the creative unconsciousness turn alive and make it more awake, more whole and importantly more real and authentic.

Get Inspired, But Don’t Copy

Being inspired by people around is very good. keep yourself surrounded with such artworks, follow new techniques, learn new skills. feed you soul with ever evolving creativity.

But if you copy others style, it will not allow you to discover your unique approach to painting and expressing yourself.

Using prompts will help you break your canvas and begin the process. But for all other steps, listen to what you intuition has to call out for you. accept it without judgment and allow yourself to trust your brush and express it on the canvas.

Intuitive art is therapeutic but not Art therapy in itself

Intuitive art is psychological self exploration and it feels therapeutic. It will help you feel mindful and self aware by helping you not only to hear your inner voice but to even listen to it. but this is still art Making and not Art Therapy.

Art therapy, your emotions are supported by a legal certified Art Therapist. The feelings that you express through art and understood and analyses in a correct clinical approach. It is not at all based on the final art work. The whole Art therapy is based on the process of making the art. the legal Art therapist is educated to encourage you to figure out why something is showing up in your art and to analyse how it is connected to your personal history. Do not try this by yourself.

While you make this Intuitive painting, stay out of making meanings out of what you make. Just enjoy the mysterious process of how your mind brings out ideas and creativity from within which you were unaware of having it in you.

You can always connect with me for personal Art Therapy sessions. Till than just stay true to your intuition and celebrate your effort in doing so.

Art Therapy Sessions for Teachers

If you are an Art and Craft Teacher, you would love to learn more about how Art therapy helps the students. How to incorporate different colours and textures in the correct way so as to uplift the creative spirit of you and the learners. Learn what should be avoided and what should be upskilled.

Click here for details of LEARN TO TEACH ART THE RIGHT WAY.

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