Sharmilee Goyal

from Pune

Homedecor and Personalized gifts for sale and orders.( delivery and handling charges as per actualls )

Neon painting stork. On mdf 14″×10″ @ 1199/- Can b customised into watch too.
Kokopali. Neon painting “GOD OF FERTILITY” He is known for his miracles which he brings to the places he passes away which he sow with fruits of fertility to barren land, happiness, success and prosperity in individuals life by just placing his images.
Customised watches for your Home-office–cafeteria- or be any decor or workplace. Can customised according to ur worktheme.
4- Jack and Dale.
Walk in a jungle with ur loved one is always a fun.
Fusion pebble art
4×4 ” inches MDF coaster
Modern Girafe. Mural Art. 6″×5″ @600/- shipping extra
Potato Heads. Fridge magnet. 2-3″ inches. Pack of 3 @ 300/- shipping extra Can b customised.
3- Henry penguin
Get ready with ur cap and mufler on.
Handsome boy is out in the town.
Handmade mural art
5″ inches hieght
3dimensional figure.
Sun printing Home decor. This printing technique involves. “NO USE OF BRUSH” Totally handmade unique home decor made with different sorts of painting techniques using Sun🌞 as source of medium to create such a marvelous piece.
2-Little chicken hanging
mural art
3″ inches height.
125/- only
1- Red Bull
With its suits and boots on.
Ready for the party.
Mural clay art.
5″ height ,
3 dimensional figure.
5- 7up boy
Mural art

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