Take Ten Twice

“Excersice your BRAIN to figure out what your BODY needs to do”

Brain is the primary organ of the body which controls every single thing in us, physically or emotionally. Human brains is structurally divided in two parts, the Right and the Left brain. Both parts has specific structures to perform designated job.

Most of the wobble in our life is due to the imbalance between the Activities performed by two halves of the brain. For example, a person spending the day in job of numbers and words have the left brain activated more than the right one while a person involved in creative work like teacher, homemaker, artist etc have right brain more activated then the left one.

In both the cases, unknowingly one part of the brain is more concentrated upon, while the other part gradually undergoes fatigue. And so no matter how good we are at work, or how great we are at the job we are doing, an imbalance is always felt.

Have you wondered why kids dont face such stress? It is because we all were born with the whole brain and all parts of it active equally. As we grow, we select our likings and comforts, concentrating on it so much that the areas of the brain which cordinated the other things gradually gets dull.

The most important job in our life is TO THINK. Wether a kid or an adult, ruch or poor, earning or non earning, healthy or ill…we all do one thing before the other is to THINK. The task that each of us perform daily, totally depends on how you think to do that task. Out of 100 regular activities that we do, hardly 5 to 6 are mindful. Others are done mostly automatically by the brain as per how we have trained them when we started to grow.

It is not rocket science to keep both the parts of the brain active. It just needs TEN minutes TWICE a DAY to quick start all the parts of the brain and thus maintain an equilibrium while doing what you do otherwise.

There are these set of daily Creativity based Mindful Activities which can be taken up in only 10 minutes on your own with very less investment of materials and with almost no rules, which activates all the different structures of both Right and Left Brain, post which the thinking ability of routine task becomes more thoughtful and with self awareness.

Subscribe to AIDA SHAMBHALA’s YOUTUBE LINK and set the bell notification to ALL, for prompts, steps and ideas to learn and practice these TEN minutes Tasks starting 1st June 2021. Connect with us on FB and INSTA or email on aida.shambhala@gmail.com or sign up and follow us here.

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