Swati Goyal

from Noida

handcrafted homedecor for sale and order (delivery and handling charge as per the actuals)

Ganesha Painting (16×20 Inch) Price Rs. 2000
Madhubani Flower Painting (13×25 Inch) ,Price 2000
Artificial Tanjore (16.5×17 Inch), Price 1000
Madhubani Peacock Painting(25x33inch) Price Rs.5000
Canvas Painting (12x18Inch) Price Rs 2500
Lippan Art Painting(8×18 Inch), Price Rs 999
Quotation Plaque Set Of 3 (7X5 Inch), Price 1000 Rs
African painting (9×12 inch)
Price 1200 rs

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