Kirti Goyal

“Abhiroop” from Haridwar

handcrafted homedecor for sale and order (additional delivery and handling)

Wall decor piece, Size- 24″X9″ available at @899
Wooden Nameplate, SIZE- 14″X10″, available at @1200
Wooden tea light holder, Size-3″X3″X3″/ 3″X3″X4″/ 3″X3″X5″ available at @999
Resin tea coasters, available at @1500
Flower Wreath, Size available 8″ to 16″ available at 1000 and above
Floral Frame, Size- 11″X9″ available at @700
Monogram Wall Hanging Letters, Size available – 6″ to 16″ , available at @500-1000
Designer Candle, Size-small 3″X6″ available at @150
Wooden Partiton box, size- 7″X7″X3.5″, available at @600
7 Partiton box, Size – 9″X9″X2.5″ available at @899

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