“Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.”

Stephen Sondheim

Art is an excellent way to communicate, even better than words for many proven scientific reasons. Art is a way to connect to someone and to be aware of self. It is not an activity to judge anyone.

Wether or not a person is or becomes an artist, Art techniques develop functions of different parts of the brain and thus helps in maintaining a great mental health and not just creating a beautiful art project.

When we as art facilitators teach art to others, it is our moral responsibility to impart the genuine purpose of art to the student.

Who should take up this session and why?

We all know Art is the best activity for all ESPECIALLY KIDS. But have you ever wondered why?

Do you know why a child is shown an 🍎 before teaching the word ‘APPLE’.

Did you know, as the correct art can develop the brain in great ways; so can wrong art preachings might have an adverse effect?

Are you an art teacher or a parent or guardian who uses art as a medium of fun with kids who wants to know the basic reasons to incorporate the art in kids in a way more than justs knowledge?

I invite you to join this session of “LEARNING TO TEACH ART THE RIGHT WAY.”

What will you learn?

What kinds of art activities should be taught to kids.

Which art activities should NOT be taught to kids.

Which art tools should be used with which age group.

Which art tools art to be avoided.

Different techniques that can be used at different age group.

How to introduce art, make them to practice and go to next activity by following a proper sequence.

How to make your curriculum as per age group?

How to plan assignments for kid’s self study.

How to design assessment tests?

Which points to focus for how to not judge and yet evaluate the student.


online real time sessions ( early bird offer : you can choose your timings and days )

3 alternate days 1.5 hour each

₹ 2499/- for 3 sessions, Assignments & Assessments*

₹ 1999/- only 3 sessions

*Assignments & Assessments

After the sessions, you can take up an assignment with us which will be evaluated based on art therapy and the participant will get councelling and self study activities to practice Mindfulness art therapy for themselves so that they can teach the kids better.

Give Aways

On being trained under this course, you are qualified to take a certificate course to be a part of our Mindfulness creative activities teacher’s community and work with us as well.


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