🔶This course offers a basic knowledge of ART in DRAWING and PAINTING sessions ONLINE.
🔸Sessions on the BASIC LEVEL 1 covers imparting knowledge and techniques of the ELEMENTS OF ART.

🔶Learn, Practice and Master the basic Theory and Techniques of Art…1) Art with Points 2) Art with Lines 3) Art with Shapes 4) Art with Forms 5) Art with Space 6) Art with Texture 7) Art with Value 8) Colour Theory.

🔸The student makes a minimum of 14 articles throughout the course.

🔶Speciality of the course:

🔸This course is designed with a psychological point of view with mindful results of the same along with academic purpose.

🔸Course is designed as per the age of the student. Basic skills and assignments are altered as per the age group

🔸Classes are conducted by Fevicryl certified art and craft professional, certified visual artists and aspirant art therapists with years of experience in imparting art education.

🔸 Submitted art works will be evaluated and assessed by Liscenced Art therapist so as to impart Art in the mindful way along with skillful training.


🔸7 days theory class online (1 hour a day).

🔸14 days offline video links post theory class to be taken as per convenience of student to make the artwork and submit.

🔸Flexible batch timings.


A: 6 & 7 years

B: 8, 9 & 10 years

C: 11, 12 & 13 years

D: 14 years & above

🔸₹ 2499/-.

🔸Small class size.


  • Anyone who wants to learn art as a hobby or a bit more than that.
  • Who wants to master skills for academic purpose.
  • Who wants to make their own art.


email or whatsapp us for detailed guidence for this course.

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