Learn 5 Patterns of Embroidery without using thread and needle.

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. How about giving similar designs by using art supplies instead of needle and thread.

Lets enjoy making these patterns of Embroidery with a twist in its traditional way. Let us do this craft with an ART MEDIUM.

Details of Workshop

  • 16th May 2021, live real time online workshop
  • 4pm to 5.30pm via zoom
  • ₹99/-
  • for kids and adults
  • access to recorded video
  • 24×7 doubt solving service
  • You will learn 5 different Embroidery patterns in liquid style without using thread and needle.
  • You will get ideas for making articles of liquid embroidery.
  • You will learn the procedure of fabric preparation and protection after making it.
  • Materials used: 3d outliner of colours of your choice ( minimum 3 ), 5 washed and ironed white cotton handkerchieves or similar size cloth.

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