Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Mixed media art journal practice is one of my favourite activity gor Mindfulness as not only it gives you the permission to create without rules and boundaries of mediums but also it allows you to reflect in your creations and work on it.

Here is a quick mixed media art journal quote page idea.

Though I would advise to check on the whole video above for little tips and tricks while you make this, below are some easy and quick go through steps.

1. On a watercolour paper, i grabbed the clour i got attracted to on my rack and gave dry brush strokes
2. Once dried, gave few yellow strokes to balance the darkness
3. Liked this quote, so stencilled it with distress ink
4. Made a visual frame by rubber stamping the splash shapes with distress ink
5. Highlighting with white splatters is my favourite step. It brings everything together and totally changes the look.
6. Using bright alcohol ink, i coloured the frame area and gave some splashes in the middle
7. Allowed it to dry and my page was satisfactory enough to call it ready

Cherish the art you created without having a plan of how to go about it. Allow yourself to try exactly what your brain asks you to at that moment. This way you will automatically bring out the creative side of you and sucj art would be genuinely yours.

Do send us a pic if you get inspired and make something similar.

Feel free to share your experience while making this. Connect with us on the email below.

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