Handmade Mother’s Day gift idea

Mothers never need a day to celebrate motherhood, do they! Although the bond with them is timeless, it does have a special day to be remembered upon. On every second sunday of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated internationally. It falls on 9th this year.

Here is a quick scrapbook photo page idea to make for a handmade gift this year.

Though I would advise to check on the whole video above for little tips and tricks while you make this, below are some easy and quick go through steps.

1. Select the photos you like and a base of desired size to make the photo scrap page.
2. Take some scrap pages that have colours and designs somewhere close to the pictures. Cut one slightly smaller and stick such that it leaves a border around.
3. Cut out some frames for the pictures with die cut or fussy cutouts of desired colour.
4. Make some cut outs as per design of the pic eg. Triangular banner in this case by layering different colour papers. And stick it creatively using some scrap materials like thread, beads etc with two way tape to give a raised look.
5. Stick some cut outs like leaves, flowers etc to beautify it more. Add few sentiments that goes with the picture.
6. Splash some colour droplets around to bring in all together as one piece, although this step is totally optional.
7. And you can make it as a card cover or some similar pages and bind up as a book or frame it.

Cherish the look on your mother’s sweet face as you give her this and make her feel special in this Mother’s Day.

Do send us a pic if you get inspired and make something similar. We would love you to participate in our MAY 21 CONTEST which is about making any kind of handmade gift for mom.

Feel free to share your experience while making this. Connect with us on the email below.

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