Learn more about colours:

  • Discovery of natural colours
  • Different mediums of colours
  • Psychology of colours
  • How to choose colour combinations for your art work.
  • How can colour be used to make life better personally and professionally.
  • How colours effects you.
  • Colour codes
  • ….and so much more.


🔶This course offers a detailed knowledge of COLOURS in THEORY and PRACTICAL sessions ONLINE.
🔸Theoretical sessions teaches about the history of colours, its developmental uses in different fields and the present day colour system.
🔸In practicals, the asspirant makes a minimum of 50 articles throughout the course to improving skills and perspective of different techniques of applications of colours.

🔶Speciality of the course:

🔸This course is designed with a psychological point of view of colours with mindful results of the same along with academic purpose.

🔸Sufficient time is provided for assignment submissions so as to reflect in the inner artist.
🔸Projects can be taken up based on the current field of the asspirant keeping the basic guidelines constant so as to benifit in ones on field.

🔶Assignments, Project and Exams helps in disciplined gain of knowledge uplifting the current status of the student ao as to have a chance of working with us.


🔸14 hours (2hours a day).

🔸Flexible batch timings.

🔸12years and above.

🔸₹ 6999/-.

🔸Live Online

🔸Small class size.


Theory: 1 hour
*Understanding bases in which colour pigments are produced.
*Study of different tools for different mediums.
Practicals: 1 hour
*Techniques of applications based on the medium

🔸COLOUR WHEELhistory, development, latest types
Theory: 1 hour
*Discovery of colours study
*Early colour wheels
*Development in understanding colours
Practicals: 1 hour
*Different types of present day accepted colour wheels.

Practicals: 2 hours
*Understanding different types of colours
*Tones, Shades and Tints


Theory: 1 hour

*Scientific understanding of colours.
*Perceptions of colours
*Emotions of colours
Practicals: 1 hour
*Methods to select different colours based on the field and requirement.

*Revision and Explaination on making assignments based on theory and practical studies.

*Submission of a project to prove the knowledge gained on topic flexible as per your field.


*Any one above 12years keen to get educated in details about colours.
*Students appearing for entrance exams for Art studies.
*Art educators teaching in schools or conducting classes.
*Students or teachers of Mindful art practices
*Anyone from visual art field like fashion designers, illustrators, ad makers, commision artists, hobby art and craft artists, architecture, etc can opt for this as it will give a psycological and basic knowledge of application of colours as per the scheme and designs.
*It can be used in very basic areas like thoughtful use of colours while making projects, school assignments, job portfolios, office presentations, decorating home, fashion buyers and sellers, accessories selections, space designing and much more.

email or whatsapp us for detailed guidence for this course.

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