Sanjhi Paper Craft

Art of hand cut paper designs

Traditional folk art of Uttar Pradesh

‘ Sanjhi ‘A rare art form

Sanjhi is an ancient art of around 16th century of making stencils out of paper which was initially used to make rangolis and designs in lord Krishna’s temples in Mathura and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

The word SANJ means dusk or evening and thatis the time when these traditional rangolis are made daily from natural colours and thus the name.

Mythologically it is believed that this art was initiated by Radha who made such rangolis while she waited for her beloved Shree Krishna and the talent was soon learnt by all the gopis of Vrindavan.

Craftsman making these designs use very sharp scissor or cutters to cut out very small shapes forming simple yet delicate motifs. These designs depicted tales or Krishna in one age and typical Mughal designs in yet another. Some simple designs found are if birds, animals, trees and flowers.

Gone are the days when local folk was made on banana leaves or thick cloths. Off late this art has attracted art lovers, buyers and sellers globally. It wont be a surprize to see them on objects like lanterns or itself being framed on the wall.

Check out the amazing collection of Sanjhi arts on the post by ARTS OF THE EARTH

Learn SANJHI paper craft

This intricate art can be made by anyone who wants to try and is comfortable using a fine cutter. * We advise to be very careful while taking up this do it yourself activity as it might hurt.

With lots of practice and continues dedication, The art of SANJHI can be mastered.

Here is a very simply and well explained video tutorial which will help the enthusiasts to try out their hands on. The tutorial is explained on the Blog by Design, Decor & Disha or you can check out her YouTube video tutorial as well.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed this article. Do share your work if you get inspired through this and make something. We would be very happy to present it here. Also if you have any reviews or feel to connect, email us on the id below. please feel free to like, comment and share with people who might be interested in this. Happy Crafting guys. See you around.

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