” WHAT do you like? “

What do YOU like? A very important question we often miss asking ourselves. Lets join in this activity to be self aware and show some mindfulness towards self care.

This is a common question asked to know and understand someone. ”Β ButΒ my dear, have you ever asked this to yourself? “πŸ€”
Hola friends. Welcome toΒ Blog by Aida, a blog of my journey to self awareness and mindfulness with art as the path of life.

After reading this article, dont forget to take up a free MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY of making your “TREE OF JOY” to help yourself to answer this question.


Once I asked a mother, “what do you like?” She replied that she likes to cook favourite dishes for her kids. She loves it when they finish every last crumb of food from their plates. Cute, right! 😌
But I asked again, this time stressing on ‘you’. “What do YOU like”? 
And she said, “I like a traditional meal called ‘dhansag’.” She paused for a couple of seconds and added in surprise that its been almost 6 years she ate dhansag.

I asked an elder sister, “what do you like?” She replied that she likes to play video games with her younger brother. She loves exploring new levels together and the fact that the duo makes a great team. Great, right! πŸ˜€
But once again i stressed on ‘you’. “What do YOU like?”
And she said,”I like playing badminton. Hmmm, I wonder if we make a good team in this game aswell, but we never tried.”

I asked a husband, “what do you like?”
He replied, “I always wanted my own home and beautify every element in it with the esense of my family. I love how me and my wife together make our home a happy place to live in for our family.”So sweet, right! πŸ₯°
I repeated stressing on ‘you’. “What do YOU like?”And he said, “I like to have a pet dog. But na, its not a good idea as it might end up in a messy house.”

I asked a little boy, “what do you like?”
He replied, “I like to play hot wheels with my brother, baseball with my dad and chess with my mom.”Sounds fun, right! πŸ₯³
I asked him again,”What do YOU like?”And he said, “I like to paint. But I never coloured anything since my last crayons box got over.”


It is a general tendency of a good person to act as per the choices, likings and disliking of their loved ones.
And that’s a good thing.
We all do it while we play different roles in our life.

Parents make a note of what amuses their kids, spouses do things what their partners like.
Friends choose to party as per the choices of everyone in the group.
Teachers considers methods of education which attracts students.
Even the manufacturers produce things as per the choices of the customers.

I am sure we all connect with the mother, the elder sister, the husband, the little boy or many more.
And as an ideal family and friends and a good person, we all choose to do what our loved ones like.
And we all enjoy this.

But inspite of all the fun, there is always a choice of our own being swept away under the carpet of this enjoyment with others.
And for sure, we all miss doing it.πŸ™
In this process of having fun, we often dont allow our own selves to be happy doing what brings joy to our own soul.

Just imagine, if the mother would make her favourite dish once in a while, or if the sister brother duo played badminton on bright days, or if husband might have had a loving dog in his family, or if the boy painted more often.
Not only will they continue having fun with others as they already are, but also will they make their souls happy.πŸ˜‡
And you never know, in this act of self joyfullness, one might end up bringing a new add-on to their routine fun times. 

Our existing good inter personal relationships with others can be even better.
All we need to do is to take care of the intra personal relationship within us and our soul.


Let us all take some time out to take a look at our inner joy & choices that brings us happiness.
How? One step at a time.🧠

I started the journey of self awareness by simple MINDFULNESS ACTIVITIES daily. 
All you need is just 20 to 30 minutes of self investment in a day of 1440 minutes.πŸ•°οΈ
I am sure, you agree and are willing to take a step forward to understand yourself better.

With this belief, check this blog of simple activity, called the ‘Tree of Life’. πŸ‘‡Dedicate a time span of 20 to 30 minutes to yourself a day for next one week.



Do try it for yourself and share this with your loved ones. After all, we all have a right to ask ourselves, “what do you like?“πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
If you are a guardian to kids, I believe this is the correct time in their lives to start up a self development habit. Share with them as well.

Lets all make this world a beautiful and happy place to live in together.πŸ’–

I would be really glad, if you could trust me to share your experience of this activity. You can reach out to me on aida.shambhala@gmail.comπŸ’ŒIf you have something to add or alter in this post, do let me know. I apologise if I have hurt someone’s sentiments through this article. 

Wish you all a self joy in your happy and fun life.πŸ™

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