Tree of Joy

Hola friends. Welcome to Blog by Aida, a blog of my journey to self awareness and mindfulness.

Today we shall make a tree of joy, your tree of bliss and happiness. And understand the answer to the question to ourselves…

What do you like?

A reflection of a gratefulness on paper.

Our main purpose while we take up this activity is to be self aware of our emotions.
We shall mindfully feel the good in our life and gracefully try to let go of feelings that dosent spark joy.


On a A4 size sheet, place your palm. Spread open your palm as much as you can and trace an outline.
The wrist shall look like the trunk of the tree and fingers will look like branches.
Extend the finger tips till almost the edge of the page while it tapers at the end. 
On each stem draw 5 leaves randomly.
So here we have a tree with leaves, branches and trunk.
We will fill up this tree mindfully in every step forward.


Step 1️⃣: Take another paper or a journal or a simple notebook. 
Think of all the descriptive words that suits you.
It can be adjectives that says how you feel or skillful words that represents your talents, or emotional words that defines your nature
There are no rules here, you can write as many words you like.
Dont worry about the language or grammer.
Just write down what ever you feel.
*Dont lable yourself with others point of view.
*View yourself as if your brains has eyes. See  yourself with mindful eyes. 
*Be honest to yourself
*This activity is for you and only you.
*You need not prove it to others, for that matter no need to even show it to others.
*There is no time limit to this, you can take 10 min or the whole day.
*Just be self aware and mindful about yourself when you write these words down.

Choose one to five best positive describing words from your list and add before your name. 
For example. Happy Creative Artistic Simple Beautiful Hanna. And write it down inside the trunk.


Step 2️⃣: Great job with the trunk guys! Now lets move on to the 5 branches.

Take another paper, or journal or a simple note book. 
Make a list of different roles you play in your life eg, you can write, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, colleague, teacher, doctor, boss and so on.
*Take your time in identifying yourself in so many different avatars you have.
*Feel proud of all you do and grateful of being blessed with having an opportunity to be trusted to fulfill so many roles.
*Feel your self worth when you think about it.
*Be self aware and mindful of the process of noting down about this on paper. 

Choose 5 best roles you think you play that strikes joy in you.
*Dont judge yourself, if being a colleague dosent spark joy in you, allow yourself to ignore it without feeling bad about it.
*Its okay if you dont ace in all the roles you play.
*You are human, not God.
*And our target here is not BE good but to find what makes you FEEL good.
Write these roles one on each branch.


Step 3️⃣ : Good work so far! Lets move on to the roots now.
Take a peaceful moment to recap your life from now to back when you were a kid.
*Take as much time you need for this.
*Try to catagorize yourself.
For example: start with what you did in this phase of pandemic,
move on to a couple of year before that, may be a span of years after your marriage or a new job or being a parent,
and the time before marriage or an old job or being a parent, college days, school days and so one.

Now a quick point here.
*There are chances that you might just wander off for the whole day with just one part of your life.
*There may be a part you just dont want to recollect.
Its okay.
“Allow yourself to tell you what your soul needs to do and react accordingly.
*In every moment you choose to think of, write down the names of people who has sparked joy in you.
*It may be for just a while or for long term.

Try to understand what was it that the person did that you put his/ her name down there in your book and write few descriptive words about them that brought you joy.

*While you think about it there may be times which will bring a smile on your face or even tears in your eyes.
*Both happy and sad emotions are bound to develop.
*If you want the need to, reach out to your loved ones to talk to for a while.
*Or just grab your phone and call the person you are admiring and let them know they are special.
*Honor yourself happy or sad in that moment.
*While you do this, kindly acknowledge yourself, feel that your brain has heard your soul out and gradually bring it back to this activity.

Choose 5 to 10 names you feel most joyous about.
Choose a couple of descriptive words to add before their name and note it down.
From the bottom of the wrist region extend out roots and write each persons name on it.

*Let me remind you again not to judge yourself.
*Be aware that you are writing only about them who brings you joy and the word you use to describe them is the quality which makes you happy.
*See them with your feelings and emotions.
*Know that it is good to you even if it may not be the right thing to the world. 


Step 4️⃣ : Amazing self awareness so far friends!
Lets move on to our last part of the tree, the leaves.
On another paper or journal or notebook list out the top 5 roles you chose to write on the stem.

*Take time to concentrate on each of it at a time. Imagine yourself doing great as that role.
*Refresh all the happy memories you had while you worked them out.
*Dont forget to see yourself while you think about this as if its a movie and your brain is sitting and watching your amazing performance.
*While you do this, make a list of those things that brought you joy in your role.
*List what brings you pleasure to be who you are in that act with pride.
*It can be very basic things or daily task.

Be more specific in choosing the word this time.
For example, If you are a home maker and you tried some recipe for the first time and your family lived it.
If this brought you joy, your word will be new recipes and not cooking.
*Some bad memories might slip in, but dont stress over it.
*Show yourself some empathy and carefully take your thoughts to what made you come out of that bad time.
For example, If as a son your dad was angry on you for your results and that made you sad, remember the pie mom backed that made you smile.

Choose 5 top things you felt happy about and write on each leaf if that role stem.
You can add more leaves gradually and make your tree full of joy



*Our main objective to do this activity is not to just draw the tree and fill it up, but also to remind ourselves of what do we likewhat sparks joy, what brings bliss to our mind and soul. 🤗
*While we do this, we shall be self aware of all the good emotions and at the same time we shall embrace the bad feelings.😌
*With the strength we gain from the joy of happy things we shall allow ourselves to show empathy to our sad memories and let it go.🙂
*Feel the grace of oxygen produced by this happy tree taking up all the room in your mind and soul and gradually removing away the toxic carbon dioxide of sadness.☺️
*Dont rush with yourself, its not an exam.
*Take time for this task and at the end of it you will see a reflection of a positive you in this tree of joy.
*With this sense of fulfillment show gratitude towards yourself and believe in all the blessings you have.

Once you feel satisfied, allow yourself to grab some colours, some paints, oil pastels, crayons and colour your tree.🖍️
*Enjoy every small part of the paper being coloured as if its a treat to yourself for taking up this task of mindfulness activity.


What actually happens in your brain?

*While you do this activity, you activate your left brain to think. 🧠
*You allow it to dig in and bring out all the good which was buried by the daily rather less joyful thoughts.⛏️
*While you colour it, you activate the right brain which was used less often except for when you are really in an art lecture.🧠
*Completing this activity creates a balance inside the two halves of the brains and makes it a full.This fullness will reflect on other tasks you do while you fulfill your routine roles.⚖️
*The more often you engage in such self-awareness, the better you answers you will have for the Mindful question of …

“What do you like?”

Check the blog for the same.👆

*Remember that, the result is not important, the process is.

*You are not making this to have a Tree of joy in your hand.
*You are doing to understand yourself and create self awareness and mindfulness in the process of making this Tree of joy.
*This is just the beginning, you can encourage yourself, to grow more stems and not just 5, you may strengthen your tree with more roots and make your tree healthy with more leaves on it.🌿


I invite you to try this mindfullness activity with yourself first and with everyone you love.Afterall we all have a right to have our own tree if joy.🙏
” I would feel really great if you could trust me to share your tree of joy and experience on how you felt while making it. If at any step you feel stuck or want to talk about it, please feel free to connect with me. I would be happy to help. Also let me know, if you have something to add to this post or edit any part. Do like, comment and share this post and let us all make this world a better place to live in together. “ You can reach out to me in my email …

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